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Water Pump Mechanical Seal Leakage Of Reason
Mar 09, 2017

Pump mechanical sealed leaking of fault is pump fault in the most easy appeared of fault one of, so pump mechanical sealed also belongs to pump parts in the compared key of easy loss pieces one of, pump selection Shi mechanical sealed material must to can for user conveying of liquid media, usually pump factory are is Viton mechanical sealed some manufacturers is NBR rubber mechanical sealed, if corrosion sex compared serious have selection four fluoride material of mechanical sealed.

Water pump leakage of mechanical seals for the following reasons:

1, mechanical seal mechanical seal is the first possibility of water leakage of static and dynamic wear ring plane. And killing of static and dynamic wear ring plane for six reasons:

2, installed too tight. Observe the movement of mechanical seal ring plane, if badly charred, flat black and deep traces of rubber hardens, loss of elasticity, this phenomenon is caused by installed too tight. Solution: adjust the mounting height, after installation of the impeller, use a screwdriver pull spring, spring has a strong tension, release the reset after, 2-4MM is to be moved.

3, the installation of too loose. Observation of dynamic and static mechanical seal ring plane, coated with a thin layer of scale, wipe surface wear and lose their elasticity and this is spring caused by poor Assembly or motor axial movement caused.

4, poor water containing particles. Due to poor water quality, containing small particles and hydrochloride content in medium high, forming abrasive block plane or pull grooved surface, ring ditch, and so on. Approach: improving water pressure or media, replace the mechanical seal.

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