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Submersible Pump What Is The Product? What Is Its Main Purpose?
Mar 09, 2017

By submersible motor and pump Assembly into the unit, or directly by the submersible motor shaft end pump parts pump on one product, dived into the water or rivers, streams, lakes, water, ocean water, as well as other occasions. Small size, light weight, do not need water before starting, without suction lift restrictions, do not need to set up another pumping station, easy to install, reliable performance, high efficiency, low cost, savings, investments and so on. 

Widely application Yu from well Xia or rivers, and Lake in the take water, agricultural irrigation and drainage, city water, industrial and mining enterprises to drainage, urban and rural building drainage, residents life water, city or workers wide sewage dirt real processing, hotel Hotel sewage, textile, and dyeing, and paper, and chemical, industry slurry conveying, farms lost water sewage, and stool processing, and mine to, and drainage, sewage dirt real conveying and Saltworks seawater, and brine conveying, variety occasions using; also can for sea production platform extraction seawater for flush, and cooling and fire, for thermal power plant water Turbo, ship supply, pipeline booster and seafloor sampling and other special occasions.

Diving underwater mechanical motor can be used as supporting various power sources, such as bridges and architecture exploration drilling rig driving motor, a variety of underwater ship propeller-powered sources.

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