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Submersible Pump Motor Burned Out Due To What?
Mar 09, 2017

Many user in using diving pump process among appeared dive pump motor burned of phenomenon, and not know dive pump motor burned of reasons has which, usually of diving pump are no leaking, and leakage, and overload protection device, if need these device in orders Qian need addition proposed requirements, if you using of diving pump not has these function so in using process in the if appeared leaking, and leakage, and overload of phenomenon on is easy appeared dive pump motor burned of phenomenon.

Submersible pump motor burned out due to what is as follows:

1, due to the use of submersible pump head too low pump head higher prices flow away when conditions head 5 meters above the large rise of the current phenomenon, solution would be to turn down increased its resistance reduced exports by the pump outlet valve flow control current.

2, submersible pump motors are needed from being flooded, heat mainly by water cooling submersible motor if the motor temperature leaking water no water cooling motor will surge very easily lead to motor burn down the phenomenon.

3, if the transmission fluid is below 80 degrees hot water, hot water pump hot-water submersible pumps are usually must be used with stainless steel jacket external cooling product, it must be used with an external water cooling without water cooling motor will surely because of high temperature not cooled motor lead to motor burn.

4, due to the pump mechanical seal face idling or cause damage to the mechanical seal by liquid corrosion values, so that the motor into the water can cause motor burn down. If supporting the water leakage sensor supporting control cabinet can be avoided. Recommended periodic maintenance is not configured this submersible pump to replace seal.

5, other contacts such as the power cord is no good cause motor item motor deficiency.

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