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Pump How To Control Noise
Mar 09, 2017

Pump noise control how? I believe that many users do not understand, then follow the editor look at this!

1. from the design of deep well pump control: to reduce noise, at design time, to match the number of impeller blades with the blade, to avoid resonance, but also control of radial impeller and diffuser and volute proper gap, these factors not handled properly will produce noise. Structural and hydraulic design to reduce noise, which ensure the control source of congenital superiority.

2. installation and operation must be reasonable: when installed in strict accordance with the Setup in case source. Note emptying, guarantee allows the suction height or guarantee required NPSH, minimum flow control pumps to avoid overload operation.

3. additional protection: installation, lay in the supporting part of the pipe rack vibration-proof pads, enclosures can be set around the pump and motor. Enclosures sound insulation material, this approach is relatively simple, faster results.

4. no pulsation silencers: double barrel was made from abroad no pulsation silencers and expansion-phase and crosstalk-two types, for the shape of the pulsation-free muffler. This pulsation-free muffler installed on the appliance, have the obvious effect. Pump pressure pulse-frequency noise due to the installation of the robbery without pulsation silencers, this frequency-noise attenuation almost exclusively.

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