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Development Trend Of Pump Industry
Mar 09, 2017

Due to the pump itself and use submersible pump station has many advantages, therefore, China's demand will continue to grow in the future, and has the following main trends.

1. the development of large and medium sized submersible electric pumps large submersible pump with a simplified pump and pumping station construction investment-saving advantages, General 40%~60% can reduce costs, shorten 1/2~2/3. Therefore, in municipal, industrial, and environmental and drainage has been more widely used in industry and agriculture. Future demand is expected to be larger.

2. development of versatile multi-purpose submersible pump submersible pump forms and foreign famous submersible pump production compared to the factory's products are not enough, as with cutting device pumps, multistage pumps submersible pump, pumping corrosive media production is little, but the market demand is great, therefore, has very good prospects.

3. development of highly reliable mechanical seal the mechanical seal is a key part of submersible electric pumps, use two single mechanical seals so that media pressure to end leakage flow patterns, these are beneficial, but complex structure. Interior double-end mechanical seal in oil, on both sides of the face should be of different type, medium pressure to the lower side on the end of, or merely by spring force, seals against the thrust surface can be easily opened. Therefore, should be further studied in terms of structure and materials, improving its reliability and longevity.

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