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Characteristics Of Submersible Pumps For Wells
Mar 09, 2017

Submersible pumps for wells with compact structure, small volume, light weight, easy installation, use and maintenance, transport safety, saving energy and so on.

(1). single-head high. Single-stage pump housing height low. Shorten the height increases the stability of running of the machine.

(2). the diameter of the shaft diameter is much larger than the national standard. For extracting super deep well groundwater sources to increase the safety factor.

(3) castings HT200 (common casting HT150) super deep well of nodular iron. or steel to increase pump pressure coefficient.

(4.) check valve uses a unique design. Can avoid the deep well submersible pumps. Due to water pump on water hammer shock caused by excessive malpractice of fracture unit out of the valve body.

(5) the axial force increases the service life of the motor.

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