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Causes Of Deep Well Pump Discharge Head Up To
Mar 09, 2017

Pump flow rate is insufficient reasons deep well pump head not enough reason

When there is a deep well of individual users in the use of products, new pump installation start the reaction after the purchase of a new deep well pump flow and head is not up to the mark on the pump nameplate parameter, considered the quality problems of deep well pump, in the face of this kind of deep-well pump discharge head is not enough, please reference the following reason and pump head on pump flow rate is insufficient reason enough to solve

Pump flow rate is insufficient, the reason is very likely cause is pump reversal of deep well pump discharge head is not enough, reverses a long time can also lead to loose pump impeller, loose impeller is turning the discharge head is also enough after recently encountered a user using such phenomena in the process.

Pump head not enough reason may be because the pipe seals did not do well, deep well pump with conduit seal at the joint are completed, due to well pump installation in Wells the following pipe flanges joints bad side spray, water pipes, so deep it can see no signs of leakage, you should check for errors and then pump the water back into the deep.

Submersible pumps for wells equipped with power cord is not standard, resulting in power due to the instability of deep well pump does not run correctly, should follow the standard submersible cable.

Several submersible sharing a pipe, check valve between the pump and the pump is not installed, a single pump when the pump flow and pressure caused by the bypass entered to another inside the pump flow and pressure loss.

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