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The development trend of pump
Mar 09, 2017

On the requirement of the development of agricultural water pump is to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and make full use of natural energy. Using a large pump instead of several small pumps can improve efficiency, material conservation, reduce energy consumption and cost, and ease of automation of management. Therefore, all kinds of large axial-flow and mixed flow pumps is developing fast, maximum impeller diameter 4.6 and 6.2 meters respectively, supporting the power of up to 12,500 kW, replacing part of mixed-flow pump high head axial-flow pump and centrifugal pump with low head trend. Main development of submersible pump in deep water, its maximum diameter up to 1 m, 6000-Volt high voltage motor, maximum power of 2,500-kilowatt. Hydraulic pump, wind lever pumps, screw pumps, all kinds of human animal-driven diaphragm pumps, piston pumps and sprinkler irrigation equipment-specific pumps, in China and some other countries also affected by different degrees of attention.

Energy is now a primary content of China's economic development planning framework  especially for electric power, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical industrial areas such as high energy-consuming, water disposal and puts increasingly stringent emission reduction policies. Pump fluid delivery devices as an industrial centre occupies a primary energy consumption, energy-saving jobs has become the primary disposal question you want.

Most commonly used mode is the motor-driven pump. Pump energy-saving measures at the top is to make the pump (pump, Prime mover and shift some) operate at maximum power, power fell to the lowest point of its cost for outside input. Energy-saving of pumps in integrated skills, it touches the pump's own system of energy saving, energy saving and application of processing operation and other aspects.

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