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Considerations for pumps
Mar 09, 2017

1, if the pump has any small faults mind that can't get it to work. If the pump shaft packing wear time after adding, if you continue to use the water pump will leak. Direct effects of such motor consumption increases and can damage the impeller.

2, if the water pump using the powerful vibrations will have to stop and look at what causes or will cause damage to the pump.

3, when the bottom valve of water pump is leaking, and some people will fill to the water pump inlet tube with dry soil, flush valve, such an approach is not desirable. Because when put into dry soil pipes when the pump starts working in these dry soil into the pump, this will damage the pump impeller and bearings, which shorten the service life of the pump. When the bottom valve leakage, be sure to take it to repair, if it is serious then it may need a new.

4, the pump after use be sure to pay attention to maintenance, such as when the pump after use to put clean water in the pump, it is best to remove and rinse with water.

5, water pump belt to remove and flush with water then in the Sun to dry, don't put the tape in a dark, damp place. Tape must not be coated with oil pumps, not to apply some adhesive on the tape.

6, carefully check the impeller for cracks, loose on the impeller fastened to the bearing, and if there are cracks and loose to timely maintenance, if the pump impeller with dirt on it to clean up.

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