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Cause of pump problems
Mar 09, 2017

Water pump heat

Reason: bearing damage, or carrier lid clearance of rolling bearings is too small; shaft bending or two axis misalignment; belt is too tight; lack of oil or oil well impeller equilibrium hole plug impeller out of balance, increase the thrust to one side. Troubleshooting: replace bearing removed the back cover, and loaded between the carrier and the bearing seat gasket survey shaft or adjusting the shaft concentricity; adjusted loose belt tightness; clean filling of butter, butter 60% of the bearing gap left; clear the balance hole in the blockage.

No water

Because the pump body or the air inlet gas, lax or valve is closed at the end of irrigation water, vacuum packing serious discontent of leakage, lax gate or door closed. Elimination: first water pressure up, then fill the pump body with water and power. Also check the check valve is tight, there is no leakage of piping, joints, if a leak is found, remove rear coated with lubricant at the joints or the mixed paint, and tighten the screws. Check the water pump shaft oil seal rings, such as wear should be replaced with new parts. Leakage of piping or air leakage. May install nut not tight. If the leakage is not serious and can leak or leaks in the local painting cement, or coated with oil mixing with asphalt cement slurry. Temporary repair can be painted mud or soft soap. If leaking at the joints, use wrench to tighten the nuts, such as leaking seriously you need to disassemble, replace the crack pipe; reduce the head, will be under the pump nozzle into the water 0.5M.

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